Testing, testing . . 1,2,3. The idea of writing ‘live’ is (shockingly) still a refreshing concept to me. I’ve always enjoyed expressing my thoughts on well, paper. Yep, I successfully dated myself already.

Well, I’ve had the nagging desire for another creative outlet (as if my then full time interior design gig wasn’t enough) for more than a few years now. As each season passed, a small part of me whispered I’d missed the boat and this ship should have set sail 7-10 years ago. As I hustled and bustled in New York City, I convinced myself I was always too busy, too tired, too overloaded, too (anything really) to take on the seemingly massive undertaking of starting and composing a lifestyle journal. So maybe my little ship will sink. Another part of me however, lives to believe it’s never too late to choose action, take a chance, create new things and hopefully meet equally curious and daring folks with sizable passion and gusto along the way.

So this is the official end of my procrastination. I’m doing it.

Time is the rarest luxury we can afford ourselves. At the heart of the matter, taking the time to pen my thoughts, experiences, travels and obsessive design addiction is cathartic. Plain and simple. Losing myself down the rabbit hole of design and lifestyle inspiration is unapologetically one of favorite pastimes. Perhaps it is for you as well.

Without further a-dew, here’s to becoming a drop in the deep blue online ocean. We’ll see, maybe old dogs can learn new tricks. Warm welcome to JUJU Magazine. I’ll lead the way, follow me!

xx Lauren

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