Let me first admit one small factoid. I have a somewhat obsessive relationship with furniture. Not “My Strange Addiction” TV show level but it’s a little kooky nevertheless. I have my preferred period styles like any true furniturephile, which will inevitably be revealed at a later date, but really I’m fascinated by all types and styles.

Last week I attended one event I’ve missed while living out East. Once a year, the Los Angeles Modernism Show & Sale ( attracts thousands of industry professionals, design aficionados, collectors and curious visitors alike. Above are some selected snaps I took while perusing the goods. If you fancy any item, feel free to send me a note and I’ll be happy to put you in touch with the dealers. For the last decade, the show has been a growing, great success in showcasing 40 national and international exhibitors specializing in 20th Century furniture, lighting, decorative and fine arts and jewelry. It was featured at the sprawling and super chic event space, 3 Labs in Culver City ( Funky collections, engaging conversations and eye candy galore. I was in heaven. Furniture and ultimately mixing and mismatching periods is where I find the biggest thrill when talking the language of interiors. Using old pieces in new ways alongside newer pieces, I find super refreshing, eclectic and the perfect way to add extra JUJU to your personal spaces.

Another element of the show I found equally fabulous was all ticket, catalog and contributing sponsor proceeds went towards children’s art education programs made available by P.S. Arts ( P.S. Arts is taking amazing strides and showing incredible initiative to improve public school’s art and music education curriculum in Central and Southern California. Being a mostly public school kiddo back in the day myself and being lucky enough to have a wonderful (and artistic) education, I’m a proud promoter of the public school circuit. The proven health, mental and literacy benefits to increasing art, music and language in our schools are often overlooked, especially in the underserved districts. If you have an interest, check out their far reaching programs. It’s pretty amazing what they’ve been able to accomplish so far. I’d like to get more involved, especially considering our little babe Olivia will be school ready in the blink of an eye.

Back to furniture for a moment . . Do you have a favorite decade or style period of furniture you like for your home or would like to know more about? What interests your eye when shopping (or daydreaming)? I’d love to hear and possibly write an article on your style soon!