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I’m already a bad blogger . . one non-stop work week momentarily derailed my journalistic pursuits. Radio silence = no bueno. The upswing however, is I have oodles of events, inspiration, decor ideas and insider spots to reveal this upcoming week. Before I delve into what will minimally be a few entries on the above, I’d like to turn my attention momentarily back to this past weeks Met Gala.

I promise not to recap the gorgeous (and outrageous) outfits, who wore what and the latest gossip train. Fairly confident we agree that’s been covered. The Met Gala did however get me thinking all things chinoiserie. This is one style guaranteed to inject some JUJU in your life. Whether it be in your jewelry box, wardrobe, decor, cooking or travel plans, even one or two tailored elements can have a seriously sensational (and surprisingly modern) effect.

When many think of chinoiserie, a barrage of gauche and garish images can potentially give pause (or hives) to the idea of implementing this age-old interior design staple. I can imagine how this seemingly very traditional and often opulent school of thought could make one nervous to attempt. I, on the other hand, am a numero uno fan of Eastern influences to add the essence of eclecticism and a well-travelled look. A collected, timeless home can, in fact, carry a wide mix of styles when done well. Chinoiserie, when defined in broader terms, actually refers to the mixture of Eastern and Western influences, emphasizing color, form and shape, leading to a much lighter look than one would typically expect.

For me, one of the greatest aspects of interior design is the challenge (and delight) of combining various stylistic elements (new and old, traditional and modern) to transform a space into something brand new. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the creative side of what I do. While it’s very satisfying completing a project, it’s the process of how it all comes together that makes my heart sing. I also enjoy the fact that designing an interior lacks permanence, meaning that it can be revamped and added to as time goes on. Our personal style and tastes change as years go by, just as we do in life.

Coming soon: Chinoiserie Style: Part Two . . with a “shop this room” feature for all those out there who dig this look and would like a few ideas on where to get your own bit of JUJU.

Until then, I’ll leave you with some dreamy spaces that captured my attention, emulating this style with a fresh and modern touch. Enjoy!