Now living in LaLa Land again, I was eager to attend last weeks 7th annual Legends of La Cienega. One of the most anticipated design events in the US, Legends enlisted 57 designers to trick out their boutique windows for this years theme, “Where Muses Dwell”. Let me report, they did not disappoint.

From dawn to dusk (correction, dawn to dawn), design gurus nationwide (top interior designers and taste makers, editors, photographers, publicists, celebrity designers and bloggers) besieged West Hollywood for the opening gala, countless brunches, lunches, parties, keynote panel discussions, book signings, trunk shows and networking soirees. As one can imagine, the outfits and people watching were divine. The feeling was similar to when I was first living in NYC . . . so much good energy and too much fun to stop and take a breath. With overlapping non-stop events, I imagine an aerial view of La Cienega looking like a turned over (more accurately turnt up) ant hill. I met so many incredibly talented comrades from all over, in all stages of their careers plus numerous designers whom I’ve followed for years, making my little design geek heart go pitter-patter.

Unlike many industry events, which can often be quite formal and unfortunately laden with an air of competitiveness, I found Legends incredibly unique. Each and every person I met was kind, open, a pleasure to talk to and super happy to be there. For the nay-sayers of networking, I must disagree with you. Not only did I find more new vendors than I know what to do with but I made some exciting connections and possibly found a few new kindred spirits.

Do you work in design? If so (or not!), what kind of events do you find most helpful for networking? What tips do you have when getting yourself out there?

Stay tuned for more of Legends fabulousness . . . In the meantime, here are a handful of snaps taken from a few swoon worthy showroom window vignettes.