Memorial Day initiating the first days of summer encourages thoughts of breezy vacations, short days at the office, teeny bikinis and warmer seasonal delights. While often the summer months signal a slower turn in some industries, I feel like I’m busier than ever.

Lately, I’ve been working on a handful of exciting design projects, building a new department within my design firm, running the Martin-Moro house hunting search, being a new mamma, wifey, and oh yes, occasionally writing. So, I’m finding myself being spread a little thin (more details to come on all of the above later). I’ve always found I work swiftly under pressure, although I have to say, I do create it for myself.

It’s with all these things constantly on my brain news feed, I’m looking towards June to be a busy, yet more relaxed month. Not that my schedule will be any slower in reality, but I simply want to take a step back and enjoy the processes unfolding rather than put my blinders on, plow ahead as I usually do, forgoing the moment while I’m in it. Motivation, achieving ones goals and determination are all great things, however, I often find myself pressing onward without reflecting on what beautiful things are happening around me right now. A bit more thoughtful time spent on my mind, body and spirit could ail many stresses.

This June I’m inspired by you, L.A. The artistry of nonchalance really is an art form when done well. Sun-rays and shadows, all combos of white, brown and blue, bright mornings and darker, more moody quiet corners, for afternoon naps perhaps, all perk me right up these days. The only nap I’ll be lucky to get is for my babe Olivia to have a decent one so I can plug away on the rest of my to-do list. One can dream however and enjoy the ride.

I’m incorporating this aesthetic into my current designs with more relaxed elements such as soft and textured fabrics, lightly patterned ceramics, materials in their natural finish that patina gracefully over time, more muted color palettes and casual furniture pieces that don’t require too much fuss (or maintenance).


Bright whites have never looked lovelier paired alongside multiple hues of raw wood.  Touches of black always add a pop that helps sharpen a more laid back bohemian look.


Mixed tones of white, ivory, cream and eggshell are anything but plain ole’ vanilla. The more the merrier when it comes to layering these soft colors.


Natural masonry with angular lines and active patterns bring interest and add depth to darker colors, providing a soothing effect, much like the welcome shade of a large tree on those scorcher dog days.

What gets your JUJU flowing this June? What makes you inspired or happiest during the summer months?


(Images via Pinterest)