This summer has me seriously jonezing for some outdoor get togethers. Maybe it’s our new geography combined with the perfect weather (dry and hot, just how I like it). Perhaps it’s attributed to P and I knee-deep in the house hunting circuit. The not-so-far off idea of us nabbing a nest of our own sets my little design heart on fire. A blank canvas = endless possibilities. No better words have been spoken to a designer.

One of my contingencies to relocating out West, hinged on my lust for a vegetable garden. Our NY friends make fun of us. It’s quite a silly reason really but hey, a girl wants what she wants. To have a backyard (cue fresh herbs and veggies) and room for the babe to grow with the benefit of no one living above or beneath us would make this gal one seriously happy camper.

So, I’ll be honest. As I’m currently scheming and dreaming, my last Alfresco entry didn’t entirely satisfy me. One needs options, right? I know I do! Options are never a bad thing to have, in any scenario really. For the next week, I’m devoting my writings to virtual mood board designed to get your party started.

Last entry I’ll refer to as New Americana, while today’s will reflect a Modern Bohemian vibe. “Bohemian” style is having a real en vogue resurgence lately. I don’t get what all the fuss is about, really. By my definition it’s classic, timeless and most important, low-key. Not to mention, my go to. One can give a space the essence of eclecticism with one element or mix multiple elements together for a layered, rich, and lively look. Having “style” doesn’t have to be expensive, simply unique and yours.

What’s next? Stay tuned for more upcoming Alfresco on JUJU. Do chime in on what you gravitate towards, and how you like to best dress your table when your amigos come a knockin’.