While July has arrived in full party mode, this year’s 4th of July celebrations were a new chapter for our little fam. All my years as an adult, and in full patriotic fashion, the 4th was reserved for distant sands, warm waters and big bashes where we partied like it was 1999. With our babe, Olly, now 9 months old, one can imagine our options have changed somewhat. This year was indeed a horse of a different color. And you know what? I liked it. We hung around the house, went swimming, strolled the beach and had a lovely, lazy weekend, just the three of us. We attended a fun BBQ, then departed to have a quiet evening at home. It was refreshing not to hustle to make plans and organize a weekend jam-packed with activities. Instead, we simply went where the wind blew. Infants and fireworks don’t exactly go together like peanut butter and jelly, so we weren’t sure how that element would work itself out. In the end, we lucked out and didn’t need to wait in line, or deal with the drunken crowds. Just outside our terrace in the Marina, was (very surprisingly) one of the best fireworks shows I’ve seen. I didn’t take pictures because, really, no one wants to see them and they’re always terrible anyhow. We might have had the best seats in the house, without having to change our wine glasses for plastic. WIN.

Now with July in full swing and an upcoming vacation right around the bend, July has me day dreaming of adventure, light breezes and even lighter clothing. Rising temps beckon a softer approach and a more relaxed attitude. French doors, ceiling fans, billowy linen, shady hammocks and cool tile underfoot are the little luxuries I have on the brain these days.

What are you in the mood for this July?


(Images via Pinterest)