Maybe “PREPARED” is an odd choice to describe my November mood. Considering my usual, admittedly disgraceful, slap-it-together approach and all together behind the 8 ball(ness) at which I hurl myself and drag my loved ones through the holidays . . this year I’d like to turn over a new, pretty, little autumn colored leaf.

A little organization and structured planning can go a long way P tells me, regurgitating for the umpteenth time, as I wince at the wisdom in his words. Flash forward to Thursday. While our a-typical Friendsgiving dinner is guaranteed to be a raucous and lively time, I always end up feeling my brain is being slow cooked like the overgrown bird itself, stress oozing from my pores. In protest, I wasn’t planning on doing a darn thing this year. We were thinking of joining a very gracious friend or two for their turkey day, however it just didn’t feel the same. Not to mention, the babe, the schleping, the tupperware – mothers of toddlers get it. I (we) love to cook, entertain and be surrounded by our peeps, naturally while we drink and eat ourselves into a coma (standard procedure, not just reserved for the holidays). Therefore, I changed my tune fairly quickly and we’re now hosting for over a dozen this week. Am I crazy? Likely . . but also newly incorporating a few “preparation tricks” to ward off the anxiety. The game plan goes a little something like this:

Tuesday – Food shopping – CHECK! 

Wednesdsay – Wholesale flower market, prep and cook all dishes (except turkey), pull out all table/placesettings, arrange flowers, last minute errands

Thursday – Boys go out for brewskis, baby in tow (this is key), and later bring home the evenings beverages. I prep and toss the bird into the oven mid-morning, set the table, and take my time prepping for the crowd.

At least that’s what I have in my head, we’ll see how the reality unfolds. Wish me luck kids.

In the larger picture, this month (and a fast approaching December) has me thinking of all ways we can simplify and thus enhance our lives, both during the holiday rush and into the New Year. There are simple ways to prep like a champ. Whether deciding and laying out your holiday soiree outfit the day before, washing fresh sheets for next weeks house guest, buying a few extra of your favorite candle for last minute gifts, or editing your closet and keeping only items that bring you joy, thus making you more energized when getting ready in the morning . . there are little things we can do to make our lives calmer, balanced, more intentional and add a smile to our daily dirties.

With each of these mood images, I see strong commonalities. Essentially, simple ideas executed well. Ideas exuding an orderly, non-chalant, curated style. An inviting, yet minimal living room, a messy bun with a dressy winter top, a thoughtfully edited bookcase, a sequin encrusted skirt with a white shirt and tennis shoes, champagne bottles in a bathtub. These are a few of my favorite things.



(Images via Pinterest)