Juju (/’joojoo/) noun, an object superstitiously revered originally by certain West African peoples and used as a charm (or fetish). The power associated with a juju or said magical power of such an object.

Much like an unexpected layer to an outfit, a vintage sculpture in the garden or fabulously mismatched dining chairs, JUJU means that little extra style magic that transforms our life and how we live it.

JUJU Magazine is an online style destination written and curated by interior designer Lauren Martin-Moro. Here I hope you will find a fun, inspirational editorial of stylish spaces, captivating people, enticing places, tempting culinary curiousities, loads of secret shopping spots and practical how to’s. The art of living well, as the saying goes. Whether that means globetrotting to a far flung locale or at home in your own backyard, this journal encourages you to seek your own adventure. Take an extra moment, look a little closer and unlock your inner JUJU.

About the author:

While first visiting New York City as a home furnishings buyer, the writing on the wall soon became clear from my maiden visit. At the time I was nose deep in design school while living and working in Los Angeles. Not more than two weeks after I finished, a taxi driver plunked me off at LAX with no more than a (very large) suitcase and a one-way ticket. Armored with a zest for the unknown and an intrepid spirit, I spent the next seven years sowing my oats (personally and professionally) in the Big Apple. What a sinfully delicious apple it was and I’m fairly certain I’ll always be under her spell. I refer to ‘her’ because I’ve always likened NY to a hard to get, easy to please female who embodies style and charisma with a wild sense of adventure. My family and friends will attest I’ve always had a wicked penchant for mischief, if at the very least for one hell of a good story.

Living and breathing Manhattan the next seven years was one of the best decisions I’ve made (to date). The culture, the pace, the people, the food (!), the frenetic energy . . it exhausted every part of me and I loved (almost) every moment. My first and oldest friend from NY gave me one bit of advice upon my arrival, “Be kind to the city and she’ll be kind right back”. I struggled in all the ways anyone who’s lived in NY intrinsicly knows and I’m proud I called it home for many years. I designed my way up the ladder to become the senior designer of an exclusive interior design and retail showroom (www.ddcnyc.com) and later the interior design director of a prestigious architecture firm (www.dxastudio.com). All the while craving more independence and creative license, I opened my own design studio along the way (www.lmdany.com) and began taking private clients in my free time.

I should also mention simoultaneously I met and married the man of my life which leads to the next and most recent chapter of my story. As time passed and we embarked on our own “Three’s Company” mission, we began to desire a bit more space, less stress and the one thing NY would never afford us, more sunshine. Very, and I mean VERY pregnant and burning the midnight oil on projects for the architecture firm and my own, Pietro (my mate) got an offer out West. In earlier talks, I agreed to leave New York only for his next dream job. So, I didn’t put up a fight when indeed it came true. With Olivia, our babe of three months, and Mickey and Jagger, our two energetic kittens and no idea where our lives would turn next, we (I) packed us up quick and off we went to the city of angels. New baby, new city, new job, new everything. We were excited. He may tell a different tale of him pulling me feet first out our quaint 3rd floor walk up Gramercy apartment like a maddened cat being dragged for a bath but no matter. We made it.

With a few months under my belt and getting into the groove of this California lifestyle again, I’m ready for yet another challenge. One I’ve thought about more times than I like to recall. I’ve always had a deep seeded passion for all beautiful things and take great pleasure discovering the world through design. Meet my lovechild, JUJU Magazine. The daily dirty chronicles of a former (yet forever) New Yorker making waves once again on the West Coast.